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Hello and Welcome to The Stock Whiz! We are a stock market news site/ blog, primarily focused on aggregating and writing content about stocks. These stocks include growth, beaten down, and dividend stocks. All of the stocks we choose to write about are top notch companies that we think are great investments. It is a safe bet that if we are willing to take the time to write an article upon a certain stock, then we truly believe in the future of that stock. Every day, we aggregate fresh new articles about recent stock market news, dividend/value investing, and passive income ideas. We also aggregate articles from other sites(posting them onto our site) linking to them at the top and bottom of the article.

The Stock Whiz was founded on February 10th, 2020. It was founded by a man(Name Undisclosed) who holds a deep passion for investing. Since he was first introduced to the world of investing almost a decade ago, he has thoroughly enjoyed researching and analyzing companies. Since he already does a lot of research on his own, and has a decent amount of free time, he decided to create a blog where he can now share his research and analysis’ with the public, while also sharing recent stock market news and investing tips.

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